Riverside Accommodation
in Stunning Countryside near Corbridge and Hexham, in Hadrian's Wall Country, Northumberland, UK

COVID: Eco-friendly steam cleaning has been installed for greater safety.  It is suitable on all surfaces.
It uses just tap water for additional cleaning and sanitising, without using any additional chemicals.

‘That easy weekend feeling’ all year round

Dilston Mill has always practiced ‘good housekeeping’ and ‘careful husbandry’ to use the old fashioned words for most of what is now thought of as green policies. The complementary idea of ‘slow travel’ provides a peaceful and relaxing stay with low impact on the environment.

The heating systems are designed so that the safety valve radiators on the pressurised system produce enough heat to dry the laundry and air your towels when the weather does not permit outside drying. The lids of the cast-iron Rayburn cooker help to ‘iron’ bedlinen. There are low energy light bulbs and bio-degradable washing and cleaning products. Low-tech picture framing provides secondary double glazing. Automatic outside courtesy lighting is triggered by movement, and switches itself off to conserve energy.

There is a private water supply system that provides delicious spring water (it does not have to be bottled and sent halfway ‘round the world). There is an independent septic tank sewage system that breaks down a lot of the waste. Food and plant waste is recycled for the garden compost heap and other waste for the local council’s waste scheme.

The beautiful and natural riverside setting, the historic surroundings, the sound of the river and the visiting bird and wildlife help to make Dilston Mill special and so we have not had TVs or video games for visitors. Some guests have said how much they enjoyed NOT having a TV around. Scrabble, chess, local magazines, newspaper and leaflets are available. (However, there is a radio-cassette/CD player to borrow and also Wi-Fi available for those who want the connection).

Food and products are sourced locally as much as possible, using the wonderful and helpful local shops and suppliers. in your welcome pack there can be  Dilston Mill’s own homemade marmalade and jams made from the garden plums and apples or hedgerow fruits. The river is on one side and the public footpath is on the other side of the house. Peaceful countryside, great walks and the dramatic landscapes around Hadrian’s Wall sites are nearby. Hexham and Corbridge and the other local towns have an excellent range of facilities, shopping and places to eat out. The major cultural and tourist attractions near and in Newcastle-Gateshead, Durham, Alnwick, Morpeth, Beamish and Kielder are all easy to get to by car or cycle, bus or train.

Come and find your niche in Northumberland at ‘somewhere special’ that aims at harmony in the environment of Dilston Mill’s historic setting.


Riverside  Accommodation
in Stunning Countryside near Corbridge and Hexham, in Hadrian's Wall Country, Northumberland, UK